Excellence is great worth, very high exceptional quality the verb excel means " to be exceptionally good" or " to do better then". the element of comperison in the second definition of excel spurs us to do better or to improve and keep improving.

That is why, we want you to expect a lot from a bus that has various innovative minds & years of engineering research behind it

Presenting " WINDSOR" that has enthralled our fans as well as critics across the country. We have got accolades for successfully trying for pessenger comfort, safety, lots of space, quiet interior & other value added features.

     Standard Accessories

      Optional Fitments
1.  Plastic Interiors 1.  Channel Music System
2.  Se Model Seats with Uphoistery     Changeover       A. Single Channel
3.  Passenger Head Seat cover       B. Two Channels
4.  Fully Adjustable Driver Seat       C. Four Channels
5.  Heavy Duty Wiper System 2.  Any Make of A.C. Provision
6.  Curtains 3.  Double Glazed Window
7.  Body Isulation. 4.  Heating System
8.  Side Box for Spare Wheel 5.  Seat Back Table.
9.  Side Laggage boot or Rear luggage      boot 6.  Glass Holders at Seat Back
10. Fire Extinguisher 7.  Auto Door ( Passenger )
11. Wheel Caps  
12. Sunviser  
13. Fans  
14. Luggage Carrier  
15. Cassette Player with Amplifier      Speaker and Microphone  
16. Air Horn