Intra City Seats

While traveling in intra city buses, people generally see its make, construction and speed; but what they do not emphasize on is its seats. If the bus seats are not conformable then no extra feature can provide you the comfort and luxury needed while moving amidst cities. After all, the ones who are traveling in the bus are the best judge of the quality of seats.

We are - Amar Coach Builders - an established manufacturer of 'Intra City Seats'. Every seat is designed and made using best of material and fabric which is long lasting and gives optimum comfort to the passengers. Our 'Intra City Seats' are 3x2 fix type seats, designed ergonomically with seat counters. These are made using PU molded material, along with independent base and back cushions.Some of the other unique features of our 'Intra City Buses Seats' are:
  • Back grab handle
  • Contoured FRP/ABS Side & Back Panels
  • Fixed footrest
Few optional features
  • Bottle / glass holder
  • Magazine pockets
  • Seat belts (two or 3 points)
  • Two stage footrest