Luxuria Seats

If luxury is not comfortable, then it is not luxury. In line with this, we are manufacturing seats for the LUXURY buses. As the Luxuria Buses Seats Manufacturer, we make sure to give our 100% in its design, and making so that the passengers receive the luxurious seating experience. The Luxury Coach Seats are made and offered in 2x2 Reclining style. For extra comfort than standard seats, its back is made in PU molded bucket type. Adding to it, the side and back panels of the coaches chairs/seats are made in different material such as plastic injection molded/FRP/ABS. Its cushions are supported with springs that adds on to the comfort of the passenger.

It is well known that all luxurious experiences comes with a price. In this context, we implement efficient and innovative manufacturing practices to lower the overall production cost of Bus Seat Body Part. But, rest assure that no compromise is done on the quality and comfort aspect of these bus chairs. We have fitted aluminum die-casted lift-up armrest with IPU top (50mm wide) in the Luxuria Buses Seats. These have top class steel frames that are tubular/sheet powder coated.

Some other attributed of Luxury Bus Body Seats:
  • Back grab handle
  • Magazine pouch
  • Two stage footrest
  • Upholstered in dobby fabric or jacquard fabric