Mini Axis

We, Amar Coach Builders, have made it great when it comes to configuring magnificent buses that evoke the passengers for a cherishing travel ride. As an eminent Mini Axis Luxury Buses, we have surpassed the line of brilliance, promising to offer a satisfying travel ride, which rates high on comfort level. Talking about the interior of the buses, the seats are designed in an innovative way, which can be adjusted according to customer's requirement. Apart from this, the Buses stand tall in certain features of spacious interior and swift drive that guarantees to bestow the feel of a second home.

Meanwhile, we also operate as a prominent Mini Axis, which showcase the versatile nature of serving national as well as international clients. All the relevant specifications of international quality standards are being followed while manufacturing the buses seats to make them best in the lot. Most importantly, we work as per the clients requirement while designing the Buses, depicting our unmatched class in the marketplace.