Semi Deluxe

Traveling between the cities was never so easy and cheap! The Semi Deluxe Coaches are manufactured by Amar Coach Builders for exactly this thing. At our company, we give full emphasize on the core design of the Semi Deluxe Bus Coach so that the driver and the passengers face no trouble with the construction of body, during their intercity trip. We use top grade plastic, steel and aluminum as the basic material of construction. Also, we make sure not leave any sharp or pointed edge exposed, that may cause harm to the travelers. The seats of Semi Deluxe Bus Coach are made from comfortable and long lasting material to ensure nearly zero percent tiredness of the customers. The seater semi deluxe coaches are ideal for day travel. We also offer Luxury Semi Deluxe Bus Coach which provides the passengers more comfort that the general Semi Deluxe Bus Coach.

We also supply and export sleeper type semi deluxe bus coaches for long distance travel. These types of buses are preferred by people who generally travel during the night. These buses have special cabins that can accommodate one or two persons, depending on its design.